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e re believer of science and evidence based analysis which are essential to address developmental challenges that is depend on interdisciplinary approach & reuse of data. from all heterogeneous sources. Our objective is to democratization of digital data and information to raise awareness among general users and to encourage their participation in inclusive dialogues to help reframe the development and analytical debates.

We Understand the Interconnected World

We work on multiple sources of data and multi-disciplinary team to decrypt some of the developmental challenges and illustrate the result in understandable language through data visualization, interactive mapping or infographics.

Modeling population and Human Capital

Understanding population dynamics and heterogeneity (by education, health, income, place of residence, states, etc.) within a country provides important insights for explaining social and environmental changes. It also helps to identify vulnerable sections of the population that are affected most by these changes. Projections of population dynamics and heterogeneity can serve as a prediction that assists policymakers and other stakeholders in visualizing an alternative future, to assess what-if scenarios, or to simulate sensitivity tests of single or multiple variables. While demographers are interested purely in population dynamics, the users of population projections are spread in many disciplines, among them development studies with a focus on Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

Open Tools for Open Data

We help governments at all levels to deploy sustainable open source infrastructure that genuinely empowers citizens with open data. We're a team of data scientist, knowledge management experts, GIS/RS specialist, engineers and designers working on big projects. We believe in open philosophy (open data and open science) and in building for lasting impact.

Integrated Information Platform

To better understand the “inter-connected world” we develop and deploy GIS based integrated information platform by consolidating data and information at multiple levels to support monitoring activities and informed decision-making.

Capacity building and Technology Transfer

We build capacities of local bodies (including local enterprises) at local level to institutionalize emerging evidence-based innovative solutions, tools, methods and applications.

Resilient Livelihood

We promote self-sustainable local enterprises in generating job opportunities through SME and public-private partnership.


Enabling people-centric, context-specific and timely information delivery

Climate Smart Agriculture
Modeling Population Dynamics
Cultural Heritage Documents
Human Capital
Data Driven Solution for Development


  • Location based services
  • Geo ICT tool services
  • SMART app

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