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Demographic Dynamics in Nepal (2011 – 2031): Application to Setting Health Related Population Targets at Palika level

21st June 2018

National Health Training Center, Teku

Digital Data System 4 Development (DDS4Dev) organized the workshop to introduce sub-national population dynamic model (2011 – 2031), to highlight our findings, and to discuss different prospects and challenges in further developing and understanding population dynamics and its interaction with the health system. The workshop essentially brings together potential users from different health departments/divisions, demographers, partners and relevant agencies. Major objectives of the workshop were as follows:

  • Understand the canvas of multi-scale stakeholders and potential needs of the target population.
  • Learn experiences of modeling population dynamic and its usages.
  • Identify priority areas and demand where such model is useful in setting up targets.
  • Recognize potential contributing partners, associated roles, network and data sources and their linkages.
  • Demonstrate GIS-based data visualization at national, province, district, and municipal level.
  • Develop a broader framework for web and mobile app development and a pilot application and implication.
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